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Of special benefit to the classroom is the fact that Wunderlist lists can be printed.

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Search on ‘checklist classroom’ and find simple, pre-made checklists such as the ‘Dismissal Checklist,’ a list of tasks to help young students prepare for leaving school at the end of the day.

A writing checklist for older students helps them make sure they are taking the necessary steps to successfully write essays and compositions.

Even if you don’t find quite what you need here, you’ll discover plenty of ideas that you can incorporate into your own custom checklists. Ask for feedback from your students as you implement new checklists to ensure that they are working as effective learning tools.

You can start by searching several templates available from Microsoft and Adobe.

The ‘Editing Checklist for Self and Peer Editing’ offers a step-by-step guide for students to edit their own work as well as their classmates’ work. Remember to visit your checklist with a critical eye frequently to make sure it’s still working for you and your class.

A quick web search on any school subject will yield checklist ideas as well. Templates From the simple ‘Homework Checklist’ for young students to more in-depth rubrics for older students, there are countless checklists for both teachers and students across the internet. As you work through your checklist and realize ways to make it better, take the time to do so.

Metacognitive awareness is essentially people’s understanding of both the process of learning and how they can optimize their learning of certain knowledge or skills.

“Metacognitive research consistently suggests that students who know how to learn, know which strategies are most effective when faced with a problem or a task, and have accurate methods of assessing their progress, are better learners than those who don’t,” Rowlands noted.

Allow the student time to complete the form, explaining why he or she chose not to follow the classroom expectation. File the form Collect and place the form in the student’s file or in a filing system of your choice.

Use Student Responsibility Forms to encourage accountability for behaviors you are trying to reduce in your classroom: • Missing homework assignment • Not having necessary supplies • Not participating in class • Distracting other students Pink Slips - or Other Color Slips Some teachers use colored paper for the Student Responsibility Forms and call the forms by that color.


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