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If you want some guidance on applying for this role, please see the below covering letter which may help you: Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Application for the role of Housekeeper I have seen your advert for a Housekeeper to be based at (where) and I would like to apply for this role.

As in the above example, always keep your letters short and highlight your achievements.

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Here is a sample hotel housekeeper cover letter that you can refer to. Willis Grays Stardust Group of Hotels 4192 Lake Floyd Circle Annapolis Junction, MD20701 Date: December 18, 2011 Dear Mr.

Grays, Today, I am writing this letter to submit all my documents for the job position of Hotel Housekeeper with your organization.

Hotel housekeepers will always be holding carts, which contains all their equipment and supplies.

If they are running low on any product, then they immediately have to restock the same.For the similar reason, I am sure that my background, experience and skills will make me the best candidate for this position at Stardust Group of Hotels.I would like to meet in person so that we can discuss our mutual needs in detail.In such situations, the housekeeper will have to keep the inventory for drinks and food the guests used, and then keep restocking the refrigerator as and when required.Depending on the area the housekeeper is assigned to work in, duties can also include of setting the room for some function meetings, place settings, arranging decorations, equipment and furniture.I have completed a course in housekeeping from Dominick's University.I have attached related certificate with my application. Baxter 2394 Stuart Street Zelienople, PA 16063 Subject- Application for the post of a Housekeeper Dear Mr. I am applying for this job, because I find your expectations matching up to my profile. Reynolds, as they are shifting their base from Bradford to New York.I am sure that my vast experience in customer service and background in the industry of hotels will make me a valuable asset for your organization, and my skills will be benefit Stardust Group of Hotels.Below is a summary of my experience and skills, which you will find in a detailed manner in my attached resume: I am aware of the fact that, if I have to work in the customer service capacity of the hotel housekeeper, it will require me to have a capable and friendly attitude at all the times.Hotel housekeepers have to replenish all the things inside the room, which includes pens, napkins, paper, silverware, shampoos, toilet paper, soaps, drinking cups, blankets and towels.Most of the rooms will offer refrigerators that are filled with snacks and drinks.


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