How Taekwondo Changed My Life Essay

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I am welcomed by all of the black belts and I bow to them.

Then Master Cook says next class and we all walk out onto the floor and we have an amazing class with meditation and focused training.

Additionally, I have also learned how to develop ki energy within my body and how to meditate better.

Lastly and most importantly, I developed a knowledge of the rich history of taekwondo and Korean culture, the breadth of which I would not have been able to learn anywhere else.

Overall, the benefits of my taekwondo training up to this point in time has been amazing and I would not sacrifice it for anything.

From a physical standpoint, taekwondo has made me more coordinated, agile, and conditioned.Anika Simon - 1st Dan Black Belt"In 1st grade, I was asked to join the Leadership Team.I like to help people and the Leadership Team does that.It has given me a chance to review and work on various techniques that always seem to take a back seat to learning the new curriculum.In fact, it's only been in the last two months that I have finally felt that I had somewhat of a handle on everthing in the curriculum.It is a profound gift, as significant to the martial art as a familial inheritance, and must be treasured as such.So while I seek to develop technical proficiencies, I am most humbled to become aware of the rich tradition surrounding it.For example, I helped customers find books at the Book & Bake Sale event, set tables at the Community Kitchen event and collected and rolled coins to purchase gifts to help families during the holidays, and planted flowers and pulled weeds at the Town Park Gazebo Gardening." Francesco Desiderio - 1st Dan Black Belt"Another thing I think about my training in Taekwondo is how the different instructors have helped me.I feel instructor Pyke always looks out for me and has also helped me with private lessons.Suddenly during training this past week, when I ki-hap, I feel the energy resonating through me. I believe that I am finally ready to begin my journey as black belt." Carolyn Cunningham - 1st Dan Balck Belt"Overtime, the school in Clifton dissolved and I once again sought to continue expand my practice of taekwondo.I decided to attend Chosun Taekwondo Academy because I wanted to learn Traditional Taekwondo.


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