How To Assign Ip Address In Windows

DHCP is basically a system whereby a host, like a router or server, gives out IP addresses to devices so that they can communicate with the host and with each other over the network.

Each device on the network has to have a unique IP address.

That’s why the old manually may not work for a newer version of Windows 10 OS.

Sometimes in order to gain connectivity in certain networks where a DHCP server is not running, the configuration of a static IP address is required.

By right-clicking on the correct interface a sub-menu is shown; from this menu select the properties option.

Once the properties option is selected the interface properties windows will be displayed.

In most cases computers are configured to obtain an IP-address automatically because every router has a built-in DHCP server that serves to assign local IP to every device on the local area network (LAN).

But in some cases you might need to assign an IP-address manually.

Select the Windows 7 Orb on the bottom left-hand corner and select the control panel option as shown below: There are several views which are available for the control panel; by default the category view is used.

When using the category view the option that you need to select is called View network status and Tasks, as highlighted below.


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