How To Solve Financial Problems

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If your frugality is negatively impacting your life or your relationships with other people, ask God to help you become more generous.Then start a habit of giving more to others through your church and charities, and buying some things you’d especially enjoy for yourself. Honestly examine the thoughts that run through your mind about money and challenge them regularly to discern whether or not they reflect biblical truth.You can solve your financial problems in 11 steps by looking beyond your behaviors to the attitudes behind them – and then relying on God’s help to change those attitudes to ones that reflect His wisdom.

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Ignore advertising as much as possible; instead, discern what you want for yourself, based on your own values. If you feel guilt or shame when spending money, despite the fact that you actually can afford what you’re purchasing, you may be suffering from this attitude of excessive deprivation.

Recognize that it’s okay to indulge in purchasing expensive items and experiences that are meaningful to you and won’t put you in debt.

Although it’s natural to want more money when you’re experiencing financial problems, it’s important to keep in mind that simply getting more money won’t solve your problems.

You could have a lot more money fall into your life (from a large tax refund to a generous Christmas gift) and yet still get into financial trouble if you don’t change the way you manage money.

Lewis is a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment advisor in Texas.

He has over 40 years of experience in Business & Finance.Start a financial journal today for how you will begin taking these steps and keep a log of how you do!Don't beat yourself up when you fail, get up and try again. Adapted from Carrie Rocha owns and operates Pocket Your, one of the most popular couponing and personal finance sites on the web.Pray for the willpower you need to resist spending money irresponsibly again, and whenever you’re tempted, ask God to help you in that moment. Plan how you intend to spend, give, and invest the money you have.Develop strategies to help you successfully manage your money well, such as closing every credit card except for one and paying mostly cash for your purchases. This is similar to a budget, but rather than focusing on your financial constraints, a spending plan focuses on your financial goals.There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.Financial trouble can strike suddenly and can come from a variety of sources.If not, intentionally replace inaccurate, unhelpful thoughts about money with true and healthy thoughts.7: Stand up to pressure to make unhealthy financial choices.Choose to forgive yourself for your mistakes, and to forgive other people who have made financial mistakes that have impacted your life. Realize, though, that habitually buying things on impulse wastes lots of money as your small expenditures add up to large amounts.The money that you currently spend impulsively to splurge on little treats (from candy bars or cups of coffee to new outfits or gadgets) can help you save up toward more meaningful purchases that would add much more value to your life.


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