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Professors are some of the most under appreciated people.

Professors are some of the most under appreciated people.

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Even if you profoundly disagree with the professor!

Engaging your mind means you will be wrestling with new thoughts, trying out arguments, and yes, even learning.

Coming back with only one semester left I find myself in an odd spot.

I’ve just returned from Oxford, which is easily one of the most amazing experiences of my life, both academically and personally, and I only have one semester left.

Did you know that 775 million adults are illiterate? On Wednesday, I was speaking with an old spiritual director of mine and she was telling me about some work she had been doing in Kenya.

She said that in Kenya most students are not able to progress in school past 8th grade. This creates a cycle of poverty because to obtain opportunities that might lift individuals from poverty, they would need further education which they cannot get because they are too poor to afford it, and must work to support their families.I took a condensed Math course over this interterm. (please read the sarcasm in this statement.) But, you know what? The professor was hilarious, engaging, and understanding.That meant that not only did I get to do math, but I got to do a LOT of it, in a verrrryyy short amount of time. I realized that he knew that most of the people in his class weren’t math people, and he was okay with that.The paper that you spend all weekend writing, they spend all weekend grading.It is motivating to me to recognize and honor the work professors put into my education, and in turn doing my best to use the tools they give me well.He just wanted us to be exposed to the order and beauty he saw in math for one class, even if we never used that sort of math again.Through that class I learned that the only thing that will keep you from learning is an attitude which assumes you will not learn anything.It seems to me a pretty good reason to take my college career seriously, think about how I can give this gift to others, to get the most out of it that I can, and to be faithful with the gift I’ve been given.Today, that could simply mean completing my reading assignment and realizing that my “homework problem” is a sign of the incredibly privileged life I am allowed to live.Thinking about this could seem like a guilt trip, but I don’t like to think of it that way.Rather, it puts into context for me the incredible gift of education.


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