Independent Reading Assignments

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We’ll be going over some homework strategies to improve Reading Comprehension, Math Fact Retention, and Writing Activities.

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and has worked great for me so far.)– The mini lessons should be short and sweet.

I found that my students generally took a lot of time on their discussion board posts, and I still wanted them to have time to read every day, so I kept my entire lesson to 15 minutes max.– I did not censor the content of the books, but I did put a disclaimer that it should be “appropriate for a high school reader” meaning not I also had parents sign a permission form to cover all the bases.– I think you could pretty easily adapt this unit for students as young as third or fourth grade and to cover all kinds of topics/genres (memoirs, classics, survival stories, dystopian, etc.).

Sometimes a little encouragement and confidence boost can go a long way for a reluctant reader! What details in the story need to be more exciting?

How would you change the book to make it more interesting?It will help them as they continue on this reading journey for the rest of their lives.Look out for the next installments of our Homework Help series!Obviously, that may need to be adapted depending on snow days, the pace of your classes, etc.– I tell my students that if they finish one book, they must immediately start another.I also allowed them to stop a book in the middle if they hated it (remember, this was meant to be enjoyable for them).Ariel has come home with a book titled, “Grandpa Gets Going.” As the title suggests, Grandpa goes to a new location at each page.I don’t really blame her for thinking the book is boring. As she read each page, I asked what she would have liked to happen that would have made it a better story. She wanted him to go to the park instead of the game.My ninth grade class finished one of these units right before winter break (also a GREAT time to do this since attention is at an all time low then), and they loved it. I’ve often told my students I’m never disappointed when “All we did was read” today.You can find books that are of high interest to your child.If Johnny is in his dinosaur phase, then try to pick out some eye-catching books along that theme.


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