International Assignment Policy

International Assignment Policy-12
TRC’s partners have developed specialized assessment tools and an in-depth psychological evaluation procedure.

Second, global mobility teams are managing more diverse international assignments.By structuring compensation packages properly, companies can significantly reduce assignment costs and minimize tax burdens.Our service partners are global leaders in expatriate tax consultation and preparation.TRC’s Business Practice Seminars are designed to familiarize new expatriates with the host country’s business practices, customs and cultural norms.Your assignees will better understand the negotiation process and typical business cycles in the host office, how to manage a diverse workforce and what are acceptable behaviors in the office and at other business functions.We provide customized information, including guidebooks, school information and maps.When an assignment fails, it is usually due to family issues, not job-related ones.To protect your company’s substantial investment in an international assignment, TRC can generate a payback agreement, detailing the terms of the assignment and also the amount due to your company if the assignee terminates the assignment early or otherwise fails to meet the terms of the agreement.Our World Source™ partners can conduct a pre-transfer tour, introducing the employee to the local area, housing and school options and the expatriate lifestyle in the host country.A robust and fit for purpose international assignment policy should be designed and created having considered the following points: It is extremely important that International assignment compensation (both cash payments and non-cash benefits) are calculated accurately and subject to the appropriate German income tax and/or social security withholdings.In Germany, income tax exemption always has priority over social security contribution exemption.


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