Internet Piracy Essay Thesis

(more…) To write an effective critique, or rather, a critical essay, you must first be a critical reader. You must objectively look at the work, and use a certain criteria to evaluate it. All this are of great importance if a critical essay is to fall in shape.

The writer must stay focused on the essay topic all the time.

It is the first paragraph that gives a synopsis of what will be discussed on the paper.

Just like any other essay, this kind of essay is also supposed to have a thesis statement which should be written in a way that expresses the controlling idea of the essay that is neither too specific, nor too broad, to be developed effectively.

Once one has the suitable thesis statement, one should now select the writing style that will best serve the kind of essay that one hopes to write.

In addition, an analysis of the issue follows in which certain passages are clarified.

An argumentative essay uses reasoning and evidence.

It attempts to persuade the reader to take up a different viewpoint or engage the reader in a particular course of action.

The argument within the persuasive essay should always use good reasoning as well as solid evidence including stating facts, quoting experts, using examples, and giving logical reasons.

The first paragraph of the essay is known as the introductory paragraph.

In this paragraph, you should introduce the main concept of the paper to the audience.


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