Iron Deficiency Anemia Essay

There are several forms of anemia - each with its cause.

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However, severe anemia can cause low oxygen concentration in the body’s vital organs such as the heart.

Such an occurrence may cause heart failure and death.

The affected individuals present paleness and the tendency to faint. In addition, anemic individuals often have increased heart rate as their heart beat increases to offset the deficiency in the blood’s oxygen carrying-carrying capacity.

Other symptoms include headaches and difficulty concerting.

Other causes of this reduction include the injuring of the bone marrow by medications and treatments involving radiation and chemotherapy.

Moreover, infectious diseases such as malaria reduce the RBC concentration.

In some specific types of anemia, constipation and tinkling may be present.

Apart from evaluating the patient’s medical history and conducting a physical examination, medical professionals can perform blood tests to diagnose anemia.

Considering their function, these cells are the most abundant cells in the human body.

20 drops of blood comprise of approximately 5 billion RBCs (Chiras, 2011).


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