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Suggested initial topic reading: Entrepreneurial management in family-owned businesses: An examination of strategies in Northern India Family-owned businesses remain a vital part of the commercial environment in Northern India.

This dissertation considers how entrepreneurship works in such businesses, which have a strongly traditional background but which continue to develop new management strategies to compete in an increasingly global market-place.

Through its use of qualitative and quantitative research this dissertation asks the extent to which it is now more appropriate to consider the appointment of ‘school managers’ rather than head teachers and what the likely effect of such a move would have within a profession that is, historically, resistant to change within its working practices.

Suggested initial topic reading: Customer relationship management systems in banking: A comparative case study of Leeds Building Society and Lloyds TSB Looking at two distinctively different players upon the UK high street this dissertation looks at the regional building society, the Leeds Building Society and the (now state owned) Lloyds TSB banking group which ran into financial troubles after it was itself requested by the government to ‘takeover’ the ailing Halifax group.

In terms of geography, the market in busy seaside towns is very different to that of the rural farmhouse.

In a similar manner, the difference between those ‘B&Bs’ that see themselves as part of the boutique hotel sector is very different to those that are literally an extension of family life in the guise of two spare rooms offering bed and board.

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Using HR theories as well as those of business and management in general this dissertation looks at the dilemmas faced within medium sized firms at retaining middle management and how there is a difficulty in giving them sufficient room to grow in their existing jobs without making them ‘too attractive’ to rival firms who wish to head-hunt.

A dissertation that combines primary and secondary research, it gives a unique insight into life within not only two of the country’s most beloved regional department stores but also provides a number of recommendations that could be applied to the sector as a whole across the country.


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