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Though, there may be a community interest as long a partition by metes and bounds hasn’t taken place. The Dayabhaga School allows for devolving of properties only at the point of succession.

Thus, there is no question of inheriting any property.

They live with their grandparents, uncles and aunts which clearly means a number of different individuals.

So children can acquire a lot of knowledge from them.

The researcher intends to reflect the legal status of two prominent members: the Karta, the status of a female as a coparcener post the 2005 amendment.

In a Joint Hindu Family, the Karta being the representative is responsible for the family.But according to my opinion, large families play a great role to shape a children's future.On one hand, it cannot be denied that in a large family, kids have an opportunity to learn a plethora of things which are not possible in a nuclear family such as discipline, patience and moral values.Later, when I moved to a dormitory for my study, I didn't face any hurdles to adjust with peers because it was very convenient for me to adapt in an ambience of the hostel.Furthermore, children get love and affection of the whole family and understand the value of relationships which in turn make them a well-mannered and respectful person in future.But primarily, it is best to bring up the children in extended families.For instance, I spent my childhood in a joint family.Moreover, if both parents are working which can be commonly seen in the 21st century, children have many persons around who can take well care of him.On the other hand, due to some disputes which are also irrefutable in joint families, there can also be negative effects on children's mind.By community interest one means that all the coparceners have an interest in the joint family property.Under the Dayabhaga School though, there is a constant notion of having a fixed share of property.


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