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Quotes: 4) Macbeth fools Duncan and carries out his coup against him.In the aftermath of the murder he abandons his once dearly held principles and lies to the assembly.

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What is unusual about this is the fact that at this period in time, the man typically was the one controlling the relationship, but in this case, for a lot of the time it is in fact Lady Macbeth that is the dominant force in their relationship.

In Act 1, Scene 5 we can see that Lady Macbeth is very ambitious for Macbeth....

They successfully manage to mislead, cheat and incite evil throughout Scotland via deliberately ambiguous and misleading language.

Even their physical appearance is contradictory and perturbing.

Using the theme of appearance vs reality, Shakespeare delves deep into the darker side of humanity and the inner plotting/scheming of the human mind.

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1) Witches: the witches set the scene for confusion and illusion in the play.

Malcolm is forced to lie to Macduff to test his loyalty and convictions.

Very important paragraph, most people will overlook it.

Lady Macbeth was manipulative and overpowering in their relationship.

She was more violent and ambitious than her husband, Macbeth.


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