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Leadership theories and their effect on productivity. Firstly I will start by researching different cultures and their ways of aggressive or dominate characteristics, e.g.Margaret Thatcher which are often thought to be male characteristics...As an example, Riggio notes that research has long shown that extraverts have greater leadership potential than introverts, but only extraverts with social skills (which are generally learned) emerge as leaders.

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Both sides of the debate will be analyzed, ultimately leading to some conclusion. After revisions are made be sure to acknowledge what others have said about your paper and take that advice into action. The main question that continues to dominate the study of leadership today, are leaders born or made?

Time to do your celebration dance for all that is left is to take your revised paper and create a final draft. Many researches have been done concerning this topic, but it is said that there is no conclusive evidence that proves either way.

Tannenbaum and Schimdt's continuum theory of leadership is based on relationship between the degree of freedom a manager gives a team and the level of authority used by the manager (Fig 1).

If the freedom the manager gives to a team increases, then the manager's level of authority will naturally decrease.

The snippet of the quote in the headline of this blog post is also the topic of my upcoming workshop at the Society of Women Engineers Western Regional Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii in a few weeks, that I’m doing with my colleague and friend, Jane Whitfield of Whitfield Consulting. If you are guided strictly by popular culture — TV, movies, or books written by hero CEOs, you might conclude that male extroverts are natural born leaders, and women, or even introverts, need not apply, but for the few exceptions here and there that prove the rule.

But I think Shakespeare had a more nuanced version of this concept in : “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Dr.

“Introverted leaders, on the other hand, are more likely to listen carefully to suggestions and support employees’ efforts to be proactive.” Jane and I are interviewing several senior women engineering and technology executives about their fascinating career trajectories.

At the SWE Conference we will share case studies, contrast their paths to success, and identify the critical factors that helped them along the way.

However with the behavioral theories, things are focused on what a good leader actually does compared to only focusing on their traits.

If the success of the leader can be measured by action that can be described then people can just copy their actions.


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