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Leadership is my outlet for helping others because it goes beyond inspiring someone to do something; it actually help them achieve their goal.— Liam S, NJWhen I grow up I want to be a pediatrician, so it would only make sense that I would want to help others and be remembered as such.I want people to see me as someone who helps them achieve their dreams, or helps to make them feel better.— Adenike A, North Hunterdon Highschool I hope that I can pursue a career as a film director and create films that earn their legacy by entertaining, provoking, and enriching viewers.— Dylan Itkin, Providence, RIObjects with special meaning The idea of legacy has been on my mind ever since I was little, when my father passed away.” I am constantly changing my mind about what I want to do in the world and what I want to leave behind.

We were struck by the thoughtfulness and range of responses we received. Brody, they hoped to be a positive presence in the lives of loved ones and strangers, others wrote about leaving a legacy through meaningful work, lasting ideas, tangible things, community service and just being themselves.

Living on in the memories and lives of others When I think of leaving a mark on the world, a legacy, I think of doing the small things.

I want my part of my impact on the world to be helping premature babies recover and get healthy.

My goal is to help hundreds of babies leave the hospital and go home healthy.— Gules P, North Hunterdon High School My legacy is to bring positivity into people’s lives.

I want to have a stable family and be able to provide for the people I love.— Caroline Dixon, Hoggard Highschool Wilmington, NCOne of my fears is to have existed and not have a record of my existence.

If only one person would keep me in their heart and mind, then i have succeeded as being someone worth remembering.— Nyleah F., Providence, Rhode Island Making a lasting impact through meaningful work When I am older, the job I want to pursue is neonatal nursing.

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I felt I had no way to cherish his memory and keep him living on. If only my family and a few close friends knew him, what would happen to his legacy when we are all gone?

This is when I believe stories of good deeds don’t cut it when attempting to make a personal connection.


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