Licence To Assign

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If the lease contains a fully qualified covenant, then the landlord’s consent is not to be unreasonably withheld.

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The landlord is entitled to be told the true nature of the proposed transaction and so will not unreasonably withhold consent if this has not happened.

The landlord is fully entitled to look critically at any matter relating to the proposed assignee that would reduce the value of his interest, especially if he intends to sell it.

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The purpose of the covenant against assigning without the landlord’s consent is to protect the landlord from having its premises used or occupied in an undesirable way or by an undesirable tenant or assignee (International Drilling Fluids).

are licensed one of two ways: by organization and by member.

The burden of proof is on the landlord to show that they complied with statutory duties and on the tenant to establish losses.

The tenant has thee remedies: The landlord must give reasons for any refusal of consent.

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