Life Changing Decision Essay

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Decision-Making Process Paper La’Tanjela Patterson MGT/230 MANAGEMENT THEORY AND PRACTICE December 10, 2012 Wynnona Hayes To ensure that all aspects of the decision making process are addressed, the six stages of decision should be used which are identifying and diagnosing the problem, generating alternative solutions, evaluating alternatives, making the choice, implementing the decision, and evaluating the decision (Bateman, 2011).

Some examples of the decisions I had to make was not taking a job advancement that would require more time at work, giving up personal sport activities, and the repercussion for not attending school at all.

(For architects in nineteenth-century Paris, working meant revising until the very last minute, even in the cart on the way to deliver a design to a panel of judges.) Charrettes are useful not just because they break up the work but because they force groups with different priorities and sensibilities—coders and designers, architects and real-estate developers—to interact, broadening the range of available viewpoints.

At firms like Royal Dutch Shell, where growth requires investing in expensive ventures, such as ports, wells, and pipelines, deciders use “scenario planning” to imagine how such investments might play out.

Professional deciders, Johnson reports, use decision processes to navigate this complexity.

Many of the best processes unfold in stages—a divergence stage might precede a convergence stage—and are undertaken by groups.

We agonize over what to stream on Netflix, then let TV shows persuade us to move to New York; buying a new laptop may involve weeks of Internet research, but the deliberations behind a life-changing breakup could consist of a few bottles of wine.

Home, & someone to take care of house.” He noted that it was “intolerable to think of spending one’s whole life, like a neuter bee, working, working. (“If I find a Reason pro equal to some two Reasons con, I strike out the three . “The craft of making farsighted choices—decisions that require long periods of deliberation, decisions whose consequences might last for years,” he concludes, “is a strangely under-appreciated skill.”We say that we “decide” to get married, to have children, to live in particular cities or embark on particular careers, and in a sense this is true. One of the paradoxes of life is that our big decisions are often less calculated than our small ones are.

Late in “Farsighted,” he recounts his own use of decision-scientific strategies to persuade his wife to move, with their two children, from New York City to the Bay Area.

Johnson starts with intuitions—redwoods are beautiful; the tech scene is cool—but quickly moves beyond them.


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