Literature Review On Solar Energy

Literature Review On Solar Energy-46
The price of policy risk — Empirical insights from choice experiments with European photovoltaic project developers [WWW Document]. Lehr, U., Nitsch, J., Kraztat, M., Lutz, C., Edler, D., 2008.

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Prices versus quantities: choosing policies for promoting the development of renewable energy [WWW Document].

Supporting solar power in renewables portfolio standards: Experience from the United States [WWW Document].

Comparing the feed-in tariff incentives for renewable electricity in Ontario and Germany [WWW Document].

The expansion of electricity generation from renewable energies in Germany: A review based on the Renewable Energy Sources Act Progress Report 2007 and the new German feed-in legislation [WWW Document]. This page is part of an MTU graduate course MY5490/EE5490: Solar Photovoltaic Science and Engineering. Frondel, M., Ritter, N., Schmidt, C., Vance, C., 2010. Germany’s solar cell promotion: Dark clouds on the horizon [WWW Document]. Transforming the energy sector: the evolution of technological systems in renewable energy technology [WWW Document]. Both the course documentation and the course generated content is open source. Economic impacts from the promotion of renewable energy technologies: The German experience [WWW Document]. “Irradiance Forecasting for the Power Prediction of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems.” [WWW Document]. “Lessons for effective renewable electricity policy from Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.” [WWW Document]. “The importance of comprehensiveness in renewable electricity and energy-efficiency policy.” [WWW Document]. Peters, M., Schmidt, T., Widerkehr, D., Schneider, M., 2011. Stability, participation and transparency in renewable energy policy: Lessons from Denmark and the United States [WWW Document]. Comparison of feed-in tariff, quota and auction mechanisms to support wind power development [WWW Document]. “Envisaging feed-in tariffs for solar photovoltaic electricity: European lessons for Canada.” [WWW Document]. “Putting solar home system programmes into perspective: What lessons are relevant? Japan’s post-Fukushima challenge – implications from the German experience on renewable energy policy [WWW Document]. “Survey of photovoltaic industry and policy in Germany and China.” [WWW Document].


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