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Piggy represented civilization and later in the book when he died civilization ended and everyone went after Ralph to try to kill him. Piggy’s asthma represented the setbacks civilization has and that human nature is not caused by the outside but what’s inside of them. Symbolism refers to symbols, or concrete image writers use to convey specific meanings to their readers.It also shows that civilization is alive on the island.

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He also tells him an innovative idea of how and why to use it.

It is then used to gather boys and call an assembly.

In this connection, it becomes a symbol of authority, order, and law.

It wins not only respect and obedience but also proves that the person who is holding the conch has the ultimate authority.

Different symbols are used to refer to different things, situations and circumstances that readers understand based on their contexts, environments, and situations.

Symbolism in Piggy finds the conch, a shell, on the seashore and tells Ralph what it is.It is he who finds the conch and calls others to form an assembly.In this sense, he represents leadership and guidance.There are mostly young boys on the island, and they all represent innocence.Ralph, with his sensible nature, is a specific representative of civilization and order.One character that stood out to me in the book was Piggy. Piggy later in the book states that he is useless without his glasses so when one lenses of his glasses break that meant that half of civilization was broken (Jacks’ tribe) while the other half (Ralph’s tribe) was still working and not yet broken.Piggy was Goldings’ peacemaker in the Lord of the flies book. Piggy’s glasses were used to start the fire which represented hope to get rescued by adults.I think evil is intrinsic to humans and is decided by the person rather than the associates friends/ acquaintances. The conch represented civilization also but that broke before Piggy died so Golding was hinting and wanting the reader to foreshadow that civilization and Piggy were both dying shortly.William Golding wrote about a lot of characterization in the lord of the flies book. Piggy keeps trying with civilization even though there is now civilization anymore it’s everyone vs. There were many symbols of civilization declining like Piggy’s’ hair not growing was a symbol of civilization not growing strong but declining rapidly.Lord of the flies In the Lord of the flies by William Golding, he leaves many symbols and themes in the book that symbolize something else.William Golding leaves the ongoing argument if evil is intrinsic or extrinsic to humans as a symbol in his book.


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