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We both love the day when Dad says, “OK, my book is finished. ” It’s really neat to be the first to get to make comments to him about his work.He gets very nervous while we are reading and paces around the house.The dogs insist on outside activity, though, so besides their daily morning walks, we enjoy taking long family hikes in a neighborhood park with them.

We just love him for two different reasons.* * *When I met Louis, he was already a published author, had just passed the California Bar exam, and was preparing his first court case.

I learned very quickly that he had mixed feelings about what hewanted to do with his life.

He used to run every day in San Francisco, but it was the foggy weather there that inspired that bit of fitness.

Here in Texas, there are few days he feels are cool enough to encourage running.

He has had to make adjustments to that routine a couple of times: first, when we married, and later, when Sherre was born.

In turn, we have learned what Louis needs and how to make sure he gets it.He is very competitive so he often played in tournaments. He didn’t even know he liked it, until one day he was invited to play in a weekly game. As I grew older, I pressed him to explain the stories of the songs to me.I’ve learned a lot about love and life and war and peace from these musicians and my dad.Common sense told him he should proceed with his career as an attorney, but his heart pushed him to keep writing. Creating a story never seems laborious to Louis, and his self-motivation — he sits in his office at his desk five days a week — is incredible.His morning routine is especially important to him; that’s what gets his mind ready to be creative.Dad loves to play duplicate bridge at a local bridge studio or on his computer. Some adults thought it was strange that I was singing Bob Dylan and Randy Newman music by the age of two.He used to play a lot of chess when we lived in California. Because I was so young, Dad knew I wouldn’t understand the more adult subject matter of the lyrics, but these were the songs he knew by heart, so he sang them.He doesn’t want anyone giving him suggestions; he says it interferes with his creative process.When a book is finally complete, he’ll let mom and me read it.He likes to challenge me in video games, pinball, basketball, or to help me with his favorite thing of all, my math homework.When he travels, he calls every night, even if it’s from an airport, the waiting room of a restaurant, or his hotel room, to see if I need help with that day’s assignment.


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