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Implementing a cross-border management strategy: A study of foreign companies in the Malaysian telecommunication industry 2.6.9.How does offshore outsourcing of customer services affect customer satisfaction?

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An examination of the origin and nature of the management strategy influencing people to regularly communicate through networking sites. Does the strategic difference between and e Bay amount to the handling of physical goods with accepted ownership and “virtual” products without accepted ownership? Is adaptive thinking the starting point of effective management strategy formulation for harmonious co-alignment between the corporation and the operating environment? Are “resource-based” strategies dependent on the governance structure within which a firm can leverage its resources? Is the ability to take a holistic perspective of the organisation and its environment the primary ingredient of strategic thinking and formulation? Analysing hyper-competitiveness in contemporary business environments: Does hyper-competitiveness render determining systematic strategic direction for enterprises impossible? Assessing considerations of stakeholder objectives in the strategic business process and how this varies between different cultures 2.5.9.

Can planned, opportunistic or forced decisions really be considered as strategy?

If you have multiple topics in your mind it is best to make an outline to group together your ideas for each of those topics and to locate the core problem or argument you want to focus on during this process.

It might benefit you to create a short mock thesis proposal for your different topic ideas so that you can better define your problem, outline any possible solutions, and identify the evaluation criteria you would use.

Remember that with all ideas, you should talk to your advisor before you begin the research and write so that you can be sure the idea you have selected will add something to the field of management.

Once you start research you have to invest yourself in the intensive reading and keep track of any findings you stumble upon along the way.

Should corporations place greater emphasis on corporate diplomacy and increase negotiation skills investment for executives operating in the current volatile business environment? An examination of the significance of corporate value chain structure and core business activity on management decision to adopt an International framework Agreement? An assessment of FDI flows in difficult economic times: Why have FDI flows to developing and transitional economies remained more resilient than to developed economies? Does geographical proximity of the host to the domestic country of investors reduce informational and managerial uncertainty? An examination of the methods employed by countries to enhance international competitiveness for FDI: A case study of Sub-Saharan Africa 2.4.10.

How does the characteristic of the organisation’s host country providing FDI impact the probability of the recipient country benefiting or losing from FDI opportunities? An assessment of regional strategic management in the fast food restaurant industry: The global operations of Mc Donalds in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa 2.5.2.

The case of AOL customer services outsource to India 2.6.10.

Identifying the drivers of Chinese business leader’s strategy for expansion into Africa.


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