Marie Curie Research Paper

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Albert Stevens’ Paintbrush was used to get close enough to neutralize them and avoid the radiation.

Marie Curie was born youngest of five children in Warsaw, Poland on November 7, 1867.

Since the Municipal School storeroom would be inadequate to the task, the Curies moved their lab to an abandoned shed across the school courtyard.

The shed, formerly a medical school dissecting room, was poorly outfitted and ventilated. She succeeded in separating the radium from the barium only with tremendous difficulty -- which would become central in the romantic legend of her life.

Marie Curie was a physicist who conducted research on radioactivity during its infancy.

Marie Curie Research Paper

She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and only woman to be a Noble Prize winner in two different fields.

They employed various standard (but sometimes demanding) chemical procedures to separate the different substances in pitchblende.

For example, a particular element might dissolve in an acid, which they could pour off, leaving other elements behind in a sludge at the bottom of the pot.

These processes isolated from the pitchblende materials with high concentrations of radium and polonium, which the Curies studied in detail in what she called the “miserable old shed.” In exchange for supplying chemical products and paying staff wages, the Central Chemical Products Company took a share of the radium salts extracted on its premises.

The firm would later make a handsome profit by marketing these radium salts for medical and other uses.


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