Marine Biology Dissertation

The committee can sign the approval page on the day of the defense or at a later date.

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The major advisor and at least one associate advisor shall be members of the Graduate Faculty appointed to advise doctoral students in Marine Sciences. Adding committee members throughout the course of the dissertation is therefore possible. joint responsibility as Major Advisors) is possible but there should be no more than two co-advisors. The core courses are Biological (MARN 5010), Chemical (MARN 5030), Geological (MARN 5050) and Physical Oceanography (MARN 5065). In addition to coursework, students are required to complete research credits as outlined in Table 1 (9 for a Plan A M. Molecular and Cell Biology, Chemistry, Natural Resources etc); or 3) education classes or other classes that fit with the student’s development plan.

There is no need for the committee to include members outside of the department or the university but this is often advantageous to increase the expertise in a specific area. iii) Additional information: 1) If a change of major advisor becomes necessary for any reason, the student must file a special form, bearing the signatures of the former advisor and the new advisor, with The Graduate School; 2) there is a specific process if a major advisor decides that it is not possible to continue as a student’s major advisor and wishes to resign. iv) Committee decisions: If the advisory committee consists of three members, decisions must be unanimous. The following requirement pertain to the related area classes “A related area must comprise a coherent unit of at least six credit hours of advanced work outside the field of study (or area of concentration, if appropriate) and usually outside the department in which the major work of the degree is offered.

: Prior to the submission to the Graduate School, the Advisory Committee must sign the Committee Approval page that is part of the thesis document.

In most cases, modifications are suggested by the Advisory Committee for the thesis or dissertation and the candidate will revise the document to incorporate these comments.

The must be submitted to The Graduate School once it has been signed by a Homer Babbidge Library designated staff member together with an approval page bearing original signatures of all members of the advisory committee.

Marine Biology Dissertation

Once a dissertation is bound, it becomes the property of the Homer D. No restrictions that limit or delay the accessibility, use, or distribution of the results of a doctoral student’s research are acceptable if such delays are inconsistent with an embargo period requested by the student or if they interfere with the timely completion of a student’s academic program.

The student should plan to meet with the advisor by the end of the first semester to discuss which faculty members to include on their Advisory Committee. In such instances, it could be sufficient to have a committee of 3 for the initial years until the Comprehensive Exam is completed. Details of the Marine Sciences (MARN) courses offered and their rotation are given here, and details can be found in the graduate catalog ( Such a waiver can be approved on the student’s behalf by the Advisory Committee. The choice of classes is made by the student in discussions with the Advisory Committee.

The regulations state that the committee should consist of at least three members, the Major Advisor and two Associate Advisors, but the size of the committee is often expanded, especially if the research is multidisciplinary, to include faculty with all the required expertise. At the stage of writing the dissertation proposal, it may become apparent that another committee member outside of the department or university would be advantageous to the student by bringing further expertise. It should be noted that the Comprehensive Exam Part A will include questions related to all the core courses and a student is not exempt from taking a part of the exam if they opt out of taking one or more of the core courses. student will take at least one Friday seminar class (MARN 5501). Within the department, common options for satisfying this criteria by taking related area classes (4000 level) are: 1) courses in Statistics; 2) courses in other departments at the university (e.g.

The vote of the advisory committee must be unanimous.

Following the examination, the major advisor communicates the results to the student and verifies that the official report has been completed and signed for submission to The Graduate School.


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