Marxism Crime And Deviance Essay

Marxism Crime And Deviance Essay-88
William Chambliss’ study in 1976 illustrated this when he described organised crime in Washington, U. Marxists always see working class criminal types as victims of the capitalist state. The prison system is also a source of cheap labour, believing that there is a connection between the use of workers in factories and in prisons.Those who go along with capitalism have been persuaded from early childhood to conform to the capitalist mentality, due to consistent messages and brainwashing, especially from the media and education.The police used violence, under orders from their superiors, who in turn had the tacit approval of their political masters.

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Marxists say that it’s the rich that have most influence amongst the decision makers at the expense of the less fortunate....

References: ‘Power, Crime and Mystification ‘ Steven Box Tavistock Publications 1983 ‘Investigating Crime and Deviance Stephen Moore Collins 1988 ‘Understanding Occupational Crime’ Hazel Croall OUP 2001 ‘On Analyzing Crime’ Sutherland Univ.

This essay will evaluate the Marxist theory that the ruling class in society decides the law and enforces it, to reflect their own interests.

Marxism is a political and social system based on the ideas of Karl Marx (1818-83). According to Marxists, society is controlled by the ruling capitalist class.

Individuals may also be labelled as ‘deviant’, simply because they might be involved in political acts that challenge the social order.

Marxists believe that laws cannot be ‘neutral ‘, because they are made by the powerful to maintain their own privileged positions.Video by Mr Cline Psy Neo-Marxists are sociologists who have been influenced by Marxism, but recognise that there are problems with traditional Marxist explanations of crime and deviance.They also seek to combine Marxism with other approaches such as interactionist approaches as they believe that traditional Marxism relies to heavily on the belief that Laws and Law enforcement is a tool of the Ruling Class to suppress the Working Class.Neo Marxists have developed critical criminology which has attempted to incorporate labelling theory and Brake has used subcultural theory to explain the attraction of youth groups.Assignment 2 – Using material from Item B and elsewhere assess the usefulness of Marxist approaches in explaining crime The traditional Marxist belief is a structural one as they see society as being based on a structure, this structure being determined and controlled by one of the two groups that they believe society is divided into.These two groups are the ruling capitalist class (bourgeoisie) who own the means of production, and the working class (proletariat) whose alienated labour the ruling class exploit to make profit.Item B draws on this point as it says “they see the law as a tool of the ruling class.” There are several variations in Marxist ideas on crime (Item B).Item B Marxists do not see the law as a reflection of a value consensus among society’s members.Instead they see the law as a tool of the ruling class, the police and other social control agencies as paid agents of the ruling class, and crime as an inevitable outcome of the dog-eat-dog nature of the capitalist system, and the inequalities it generates.This set of lessons is designed for AQA A2 Sociology and for use with the blue AQA Sociology Book by Napier Press.Each lesson comes complete with lesson Power Point and accompanying resources e.g.


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