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World economy has been doing well in recent decades even taking into account the current financial crisis.However, there are even more people suffering from poverty and related issues than earlier.

A Master’s thesis should include new, well-defined elements, results or insights that do not yet exist in scientific literature.I am going to discuss the issue of helping poor people in the context of ethics.In my thesis, I will firstly state the standard of absolute poverty, which will be the main focus in the remainder of the text.student number, name, curriculum vitae, etc.) may be included in the work after page 7.Please DO NOT include a CV in the electronic or print version of the thesis.These guidelines contain the internal procedures of the Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics (hereinafter “Faculty”) for students and supervisors regarding the process of development for Master’s Theses as well as for the cooperation between students and supervisors.These guidelines aim to standardize and achieve a common understanding of this academic accomplishment within the Faculty.All researchers, lecturers and students of the University of Vienna are committed to scientifically correct behavior.This includes independent work on written papers, the correct citation and treatment of sources and the proper implementation of analyzes.What this innovation entails and to what extent it can be assessed as such should clearly be outlined in the synopsis.A (qualitative or quantitative) summary of literature is not sufficient for classifying the work as innovative (except for legal research).


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