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Use the surface that passes between the plates of the capacitor, where there is no conduction current.This should be found by evaluating the amount of displacement current in the Ampère-Maxwell law above. assignment ID=1064960 Page 1 of 5 Mastering Physics: Assignment Print View Part B.1 04/19/2007 PM Find the electric flux Part not displayed Part B.2 Express in terms of Part not displayed Express your answer in terms of the electric field between the plates ANSWER: , , the plate area , and any needed constants given in the introduction.The second term, , is called the displacement current; it was recognized as necessary by Maxwell.

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To get the same loop integral independent of the surface it must be true that either a current or an increasing electric field that passes through the Ampèrean surface will generate a looping magnetic field around its edge.

The objective of this example is to introduce the displacement current, show how to calculate it, and then to show that the displacement current is identical to the conduction current .

ANSWER: = 0.240 N Part C What is the direction of the force that the unknown charge exerts on the charge of magnitude 0.560 µC ?

ANSWER: upward downward Exercise 21.13 Description: Three point charges are arranged on a line.

Find an expression for this integral involving the current ANSWER: and any needed constants given in the introduction.

= Answer not displayed Part B Now find an expression for , the same line integral of around the same loop of radius located just outside the left capacitor plate as before.

The cone-shaped surface shown in the figure has a current passing through it, so Ampère's law indicates a finite value for the field integral around this loop.

However, a slightly different surface bordered by the same loop passes through the center of the capacitor, where there is no current due to moving charge.

Assume that the capacitor has plate area and an electric field between the plates.

Take to be the permeability of free space and to be the permittivity of free space.


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