Millennial Ecuador Critical Essay On Cultural Transion And Social Dynamics

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And while they might seek wisdom or life experience from we older bulls, they perceive no meaningful reason why they can’t directly engage the opportunities and challenges they perceive.

The HR industry at large is becoming focused on culture and values, particularly as they recognize the importance of values alignment for Millennials.

Yet when Millennials talk about meaning and purpose, they’re challenging larger organizations to find not only the means to be financially successful, but also to discover how they can contribute to society.

What these trends suggest is a mass movement of companies doing what we might call “soul searching.” As that soul searching progresses and companies wrestle with their meaning and purpose, including, but more importantly beyond, shareholder value, I believe we’ll see a desire and appreciation for truly unique expressions of each organization’s values and how those values are practiced authentically in the culture.

And how can organizations speak to those values to attract, retain, and foster the best and the brightest of this generation?

Based on my research and personal observations, collaboration, learning, openness to change, connectivity, diversity, access, flexibility, autonomy, gratitude, and understanding the meaning and purpose in what they do have all been identified as important values for Millennials.Consider the amount of cross-cultural and cross-ideological awareness an educated person can now have, given the access we have to thought leaders, experts, and philosophers through a variety of sources—TED Talks being a prime example.Millennials who seek this kind of information potentially have the most integrated view of the human story, which would inspire them to draw the circle of who they include as “us” around more of the human population and our natural surroundings.It also provides a clear path for understanding our current state and where that value can be strengthened.Assessments such as those offered by the Barrett Values Centre help companies identify values that align with those of their employees, as well as the presence of “limiting” values that provide areas of opportunity.Eighty percent are using mobile devices, and 75 percent regularly engage on social media.They are fluent in the language of technology, and as such they are adept at passing on content that they find distracting, inauthentic, or not aligned with their values.Because of their fluency with technology and their ability to quickly hone in on content that speaks to them, they’re looked to by their elders to inform changes and behavior, perhaps more broadly than we’ve seen in modern human history.Goldman Sachs made a nice video about So, what are the values of Millennials?Let’s shift now from how Millennials’ values impact society to what this means in the workplace.Millennials want to work in an environment where they see alignment with their values.


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