Most Popular Research Paper Topics

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Your research paper has to include a list of sources you used in writing your project.You must strictly follow the specific rules that are included in style manuals that also describe the appropriate way of citing sources in the text of your paper.Make sure that your paper is formatted properly according to the citation style specified by your professor.

You should choose a topic that may have some academic, social or practical value for scholars, students or the society.

This consideration is especially important when you write a research paper in world history, American history or in economics.

Or maybe you are curious about animal behavior or education of little children.

You should clarify your ideas and transform them into a narrow research question that will guide your writing.

The problem is that in high school, topics for research projects are typically defined by a teacher and students enter higher school completely unprepared to select topics for their research on their own. If you struggle with finding a final question for your research, keep reading this article where you’ll find the lists of good research paper topics in different fields of studies.

Besides, we’ll give you some tips on how to approach any tricky topic for a research paper.

You can also take advantage of working on topics related to your current job because you’ll have a good opportunity to collect the primary data.

For example, if you work in a hospital, it will be easier for you to collect data for your research paper in nursing.

Note that topics in all categories are based on the latest trends in science and technology.

The most important thing is to make the title concise without sacrificing any necessary element.


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