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Since the mystery as a recognized type of literature began with what is now regarded (not surprisingly) as the traditional mystery, that is where I’ll begin, too.STRUCTURE: This very conservative story features a comfortable social structure, such as an English village or an academic institution, which is shockingly disrupted by a murder.

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Finally, the main character either solves the mystery, or doesn't, if you want to end on a cliffhanger and write a second part to your story.

Unlike me, not every reader has been a die-hard fan of mystery fiction for decades.

This includes the form that most readers regard as a mystery, which is the traditional detective story, but a category of literature that also includes the police procedural, the hard-boiled novel, the tale of psychological suspense, the crime novel, and the thriller.

There is enormous overlapping of these sub-genres and it is often difficult to categorize some books.

But it can be difficult to write an engaging mystery story, especially if you have never tried to before.

With the right preparation, brainstorming, and outlining, you can create a page-turning mystery of your own.

No one appears to have been affected by the crime, no dramatic change occurs in the relations of the remaining members of the society in which the crime occurred, and there is generally opportunity for humor and romance to flourish.

Characters are created as mechanical figures needed to move the plot along and have little depth or inner lives.

Agatha Christie, who I would argue was the greatest plotter of crime fiction who ever lived, was the 800-pound gorilla in this field, most notably with Miss Jane Marple in her little village and Hercule Poirot, the little Belgian with his “little gray cells.” In England, Dorothy L.

Sayers produced Lord Peter Wimsey novels, and was joined by Margery Allingham (creator of Albert Campion), Anthony Berkeley (with Roger Sheringham), G. Chesterton (with Father Brown), Arthur Upfield (with the Australian Napoleon Bonaparte), Nicholas Blake (the Poet Laureate C.


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