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These historic moments that forever shaped our industrial and postindustrial world have been proven to have large and unprecedented side effects which now threaten our very way of life.

However, space technologies and the programs that develop them are viable options in the management and treatment of these side effects....

A fight that sadly continues to be a big struggle to this day across both public and private research institutions and journals.

With frustration stemming over the commercial control wielded by the companies who own most academic publishing, some researchers are bypassing established journals altogether by uploading their work directly to the internet.

[tags: NASA, Space exploration, Outer space] - NASA and an Uncertain Frontier.

Throughout its history, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have been associated with spectacular feats and horrific disasters in space exploration."Through open access and innovation we invite the global community to join us in exploring Earth, air, and space."The database is called Pub Space, and the public can access NASA-funded research articles in it by searching for whatever they're interested in, or by just browsing all the NASA-funded papers."Making our research data easier to access will greatly magnify the impact of our research," said NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan."As scientists and engineers, we work by building upon a foundation laid by others."There are over 1,000 research articles in the database, and that number rises steadily as new NASA-funded research is released.There's something very special about all the awesome research funded by NASA - it's accessible, for free, to everyone.It was a particularly special moment when NASA announced this shift to open access back in 2016.Not only would all published research funded by the space agency be available at no cost, the agency also launched a public web portal to make it easy for anybody to gain access.The free online archive arrived in response to a key policy update, which requires any NASA-funded research articles in peer-reviewed journals be publicly accessible within one year of publication."At NASA, we are celebrating this opportunity to extend access to our extensive portfolio of scientific and technical publications," said NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman.Perhaps most importantly NASA-funded R&D helped stimulate our long-term capacity for innovation and economic growth within the government, at universities, and at industrial companies.The disciplines advanced are many – including earth and space science, materials, computing and electronics, fuels, radio communications, safety, and even human health.- In July of 1958, President Eisenhower passed the National Aeronautics and Space Act, which established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as a response to the Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik nine months earlier.That administration, now known worldwide as NASA, has become an icon of space exploration and mankind's accomplishments.


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