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Also, video games can lead to addictions that are no less serious than alcoholism or narcomania, as evidenced in recent media stories reporting on deaths among inveterate video gamers.This collection of facts contributes to the negative evaluation of video games as an unwholesome activity for children and teenagers. “Taiwanese Gamer Dies after 40-hour Diablo III Session.” Writing an evaluation essay is a great way to size up a particular object or idea.

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Gamers use these models to learn to interact with the world around them, and they often lack skills that would be developed by real-life experience instead of the simulation (Crane).

Therefore, it can be implied that another negative effect caused by video games is the inability of social adaptation on the part of the gamer.

In its turn, inappropriate behavior can be caused by violence in video games.

According to research, children and teenagers who play violent video games tend to be more aggressive.

Individuals who spend excessive hours playing video games may lack the capability to distinguish between reality from fantasies.

Video games often offer simplified and conditional models of environments, relationships, friendships, and rivalries.

Cases like these are quite numerous and happen all around the world.

They make additional arguments to the negative evaluation of video games as an activity which brings harm to young people.

You may have even been part of beta testing new things or involved in open source gaming projects.

Most importantly, you likely have lots of knowledge and opinions on gaming technology.


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