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One by one the mealworms slow down as they turn into pupae.Insofar as a fourth grader can be meticulous, I painstakingly described the metamorphosis of each mealworm.I became obsessed with this process, and wrote a story about a group of walking, talking mealworms who are taking a plane to Europe.

Eventually, they became beetles and flew to Europe on their own wings.

I’d look at my little plastic dish of mealworms in sawdust and feel filled with inspiration.

As you read this Why Northwestern college essay example, think about what you know about the school that really makes it resonate with you.

[bctt tweet=”Read this essay to gain a better idea of what Northwestern looks for in ‘Why Northwestern’.”] Prompt: What are the unique qualities of Northwestern — and of the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying — that make you want to attend the University?

This essay gives you the chance to make tell them this story.

You can break this essay down into three parts: Note the singular “interest,” not “interests.” To make this 300-word essay tenable, you want to focus on one interest.

Northwestern is also big on interdisciplinary studies, so an interest that spans more than one academic subject is a plus. Constantly asking yourself this question will keep you from including generic details.

Your story should do the following: After you’ve decided on an interest to focus on and researched the school, you want to spend some time thinking about a vivid, specific moment when this interest “came alive” – a “this was the moment when…” origin story for your life.

In the last part of your essay, you want to focus on Northwestern’s resources and explain how your profile fits.

Go back to your research and ask the following: I would flourish in a class where I could study and understand the history of bio-inspired robotics, and feel I could pursue fresh and innovative questions about ways marine mammals could influence the field.


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