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This constant Earth movement, often measured in centimeters per year, is responsible for earthquakes, volcanoes, sea-floor spreading, and continental drift.

This constant Earth movement, often measured in centimeters per year, is responsible for earthquakes, volcanoes, sea-floor spreading, and continental drift.Apparently, Wegener was correct; the early isolated land forms probably joined together to create a single landmass, or supercontinent called Pangaea, approximately 250 millions years ago at the end of the Paleozoic era.

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His theory of continental drift made the landmasses of Earth appear like giant floating islands sometimes moving away, sometimes crashing into each other by forces he could not describe.

Although the Africa-South America anomaly was noted, his theory did not gain much support in his lifetime.

The idea that these large continental plates are in constant motion created by geothermal heating, convection, and movement is called plate tectonics.

Plate tectonics explains how large landmasses separate and also collide into each other.

With recent advances in geology, we now know that all the surface features—land and water—are actually floating on the viscous mantle of the earth, which supports the movable crust and outer layer of Earth.

Origin Life Earth Essay

The solid crust, or plate, that we inhabit is one of many irregularly shaped pieces of varying size that move in specified directions.

So if Pasteur is correct and life only comes from existing life, where and how did life begin?

Many theories attempt to answer this question, including the popular creationist theory, which states that God created man in his own image, which may in fact be correct.

It was also believed that tectonic activity caused many volcanic eruptions at that time.

From present-day volcanoes, we know that when they erupt, they release carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and a host of nonoxygen gases.


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