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It can be of various lengths, which can be up to five thousand words.A research paper is devoted to a problem within a specific course.

A research paper is usually a lengthy piece of writing.

Usually, research papers are a minimum of ten pages and may be up to hundred pages and more.

A task in a term paper can be in the form of a research paper, while it is impossible to have a task in a research paper to write a term paper.

These two types of writing are different even though each student’s task is aimed at checking their knowledge.

One can rarely meet a research paper less than ten pages; it is almost impossible in its case to explain the major points, discuss results and prove the hypothesis in a low number of pages.

A research paper can cover materials studied over previous years which are laid out in various courses in forms of books, journals, previous research papers, and published articles.

The term paper is usually given at the end of the term and counts as an important percentage of the final exam.

A term paper permits for a vital examination of current topics and usually allows the writer’s opinion.

There are many types of research which differ in properties according to the mode of information gathering technique, examples; interview, observation, questionnaire, survey, and experiment.

Depending on the hypothesis and the purpose of the study, the research may take time ranging from a day to years depending on the volume and difficulty of problem question.


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