Personal Growth Essay

I am the only girl among three siblings, thus I am surrounded with the dominant machismo of male figure from my two brothers and my father--a factor why I am closest to my mother who is the most significant and influential person in my life.

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In spite of having a boyfriend, I still consider my family as my priority as I adhere to the conservative values and practices that my family taught me.

However, I make sure that my relationship is not taken for granted by maintaining compassion and sensibility to the needs of my partner.

Has your growth prepared you for the challenges you may face in college (academically and socially)? In other words, how do you plan on growing further in college and beyond?

Show your ability to critically assess who you are and who you want to become.

However, her strict conservative personality sometimes poses a big challenge for me on how I deal with other people, especially in my personal relationship with my boyfriend.

With this family, cultural, and religious background, I have developed to become a conservative person who is compassionate and sensible to the needs of others (qualities I acquired from my mother and for being a woman), yet responsible and firm in decision-making (influenced by my father and brothers), and with strong faith to God and high regard of respect to older people (religious and Hispanic cultural influences).

It could be as simple as shopping at a grocery store in a foreign country for the first time or learning a new skill.

In your first paragraph, you should (1) introduce the accomplishment, event or realization and (2) briefly explain why this moment was meaningful to you in terms of self-reflection and personal growth. Make sure you spend the time to critically think about the significance of the event or accomplishment you highlight.

For additional resources regarding other Common App essay prompts and the college admissions process, feel free to visit our Resources Page and our College Admissions Editing Page. What did you realize about yourself during the process?

How did the experience affect your behavior and plans?


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