Persuasive Essay On Speed Limits

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Surpassing this maximum speed not only endangers the victim, the passengers and pedestrians, but other motorists using the road at the time.

Therefore, law enforcers should be vigilant to deal with these cases.

Some states have since revised their speed limits to higher speed limits.

Most countries in Europe and Asia have speed limits of up to 85 miles per hour (Feigenbaum, 2011).

Pedestrians also need to be made aware of the traffic laws and the risks involved in crossing roads.

They can also help in reporting cases where traffic laws are broken.These speed limits need to be embraced and not seen as ways of delaying us in the traffic.As indicated above, the effectiveness of speed limits can only be observed with other measures such as public awareness.These accompanied by the normal speed limit signs help in consistently ensuring traffic moves hence reducing collisions.Instead of letting motorists justify their speeding, law enforcers need to instill the culture of adhering to speed limits among the communities.Following the events of that year, the federal instituted established a speed limit of 55 miles per hour.States were required to implement this speed limit by 1988 or lose federal transportation funding (National motorist association, 1999).This paper will argue why states need to raise their speed limits from the current 55 miles per hour.Speed limits in the United States were higher than the current levels prior to the political oil crisis that was witnessed in 1973.If enforcement could be coupled with community support, then this will bring down the casualty rates tremendously.This essay on Limitation of Speed Limits was written and submitted by user America Booth to help you with your own studies.


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