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He’s the middle child of his family of 14, and always feels a little left out.His family lives on the edge of Angel Mc Gregor’s farm, and his parents are constantly telling their children to stay out of their garden, unless they want to turn into a lucky charm, like poor Uncle Bopper.Mc Gregor’s vegetables, while the others obediently go up the lane to pick blackberries. Mc Gregor soon spots Peter near the cucumber frame and chases the terrified young rabbit all over the garden, and Peter loses both his shoes and his little blue jacket.

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A beautiful woman is peering through one of the windows, sighing and whispering about how beautiful Angel is.

Mc Gregor’s garden, because their father had an “accident” there and ended up in a pie.

However, after she leaves, the naughty Peter immediately squeezes under the garden gate to gorge on Mr.

But Peter is small, and thinks that he has reflexes like a ninja. Mc Gregor always has such wonderful food growing, and Peter is hungry, there’s only so much nutrients in the grasses his mother prepares for their meals.

So one day he sneaks under the fence, and heads towards the garden.


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