Phd Thesis On Ecocriticism

Phd Thesis On Ecocriticism-63
In order to stress the relevance of ecocriticism when dealing with Modernist motifs and themes, I chose authors associated with the so-called vitalistic or primitivist side of Modernism.The condemnation of technological progress, the alienation of the individual living in urbanized societies, and the fear of the widening gap of what is natural and what is cultural in ourselves inspire the work of Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell, Djuna Barnes and Claude Mc Kay, and raise important questions for ecocritical consideration.

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The colleges and universities included in this listing provide a useful starting point, but they should by no means be considered the only schools whose programs are receptive to scholarship in literature and environment and the environmental humanities.

This list is being updated and expanded as of September 2016.

Faculty working in the cluster include Timothy Morton (19th Century British literature and Culture, particularly poetry, Buddhism, Object Oriented Ontology, Contemporary Art and Music, Poetry and Poetics), Cary Wolfe (Modernism and Contemporary Literature, especially poetry, Animal Studies, Systems Theory, Pragmatism, Posthumanism, Modern and Contemporary Art), Scott Derrick (Gender and Sexuality, 19th Century U. Faculty and graduate students in the cluster regularly participate in conferences such as the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, the Modern Language Association, the Comparative Literature Association, the American Literature Association, the American Studies Association, the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, the Western Literature Association, and many others, and several students in the cluster have organized entire panel slates in these venues.

Literature, Border Studies, the Global West, Popular Culture, Feminism, Public Humanities), and Emily Houlik-Ritchey (Medieval and Early Modern Literature, including Spain and France, Gender and Sexuality, Transnational Studies).

The Crisis of Modernity: Culture, Nature, and the Modernist Yearning for Authenticity This dissertation is situated at the intersection of two critical traditions: the discussion about Modernist literature in English and ecocriticism.

By viewing a certain strand of literary Modernism through an ecocritical lens, it tries to offer an investigation of salient aspects that arise out of the experience of modernity.Rather than theorising relationships between "closed" objects, it introduces the idea of the "hyperextended object".Hyperextension describes the investigative expansion of an object into an ecological agent, unfolding it contextually according to its social, material, and energetic relationships.To gain recognition of the environmental aspects underlying this critique of modernity, I begin my analysis by focusing on the depiction of urban contexts as a source of profound conflict.The ensuing argument will center on the notion of the pastoral, which both Miller and Durrell recognize as the traditional mode to express an urban yearning for a utopian counterpoise to civilized life.Ph D students also have the opportunity to design their own intro-level literature courses, ranging from general topics like fiction or poetry to more defined areas like Modernism or Shakespeare.Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities is one of the most dynamic interdisciplinary areas of research in the Department and it is also one of the newest, with scholars working in a variety of areas such as Science Studies (investigating areas such as quantum theory, cognitive ethology, theoretical biology, evolutionary theory, epigenetics, and immunology), Environmental Justice and Environmental Racism, Climate Change and the Anthropocene, Animal Studies, Bioethics, Environmental Regionalism, and others. Recent and current dissertation projects include “ecotechnology” and ecology in a comparative U. and Canada Frame, “toxic networks,” systems discourse, and 20th century literature, Chicano/a environmental writing since 1848, postcolonial landscapes, and invaginated cartographies.Barnes’s struggle with the gendered landscapes of modernity and Mc Kay’s thematization of ethnic difference offer alternative approaches to the crisis of modernity.This dissertation will explore the contemporary value of early Daoism, a Chinese indigenous philosophy established prior to the Qin period (221 B. In short, it offers a way of restoring spiritual concerns to our thinking about environmental crises that we often presently consider in purely physical and material ways.To address these uncertainties, an ecocritical art is proposed, investigating the identified problems in eco-art: aesthetic distancing, unknown subject-object relationships, fixation on local environments, and misreadings of practical ecology.Following Donella Meadows' "systems thinking" approach, the thesis suggests focusing on the investigation of concrete ecological agents and their systemic behaviour.


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