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When you are feeling nervous or "put on the spot" by questions, an excellent first step is to begin by ensuring that you have understood the question.You can say something like: Trying to prepare for any academic examination via stock phrases which are not related to the content of the subject is a very poor idea.

Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. There could be difficult questions which are beyond the objective of my thesis, the examiner could point out a better methodology or I might have missed some of the most important papers in the field and so on.

I am in need of some starting phrases or words which I can use while responding to the questions from the examiners.

I would still advise against memorizing specific phrases, as I think that could come off as trying to obfuscate (which, as above, would be very bad).

It sounds like the OP may just be a bit nervous about an important presentation given in a non-native language.

Recently I published a post from Carmen Blythe on finishing the Ph D in 2 years, which provoked a storm of comments.

Some people pointed out the many advantages that Carmen had, which helped her finish in such a short time.In searching for the best sample of the Ph D thesis acknowledgement we have ran across Ph D thesis wrote by Ernest Alexander, on the topic „Formulation and stability of model food foam microstructures“ which is defended on the University of Birmingham....Continue reading → I would like to thank the all library media specialists for their participation in the survey who supported my work in this way and helped me get results of better quality. Continue reading → The acknowledgements or dedication page is optional.Once we match your project to the right academic, he or she will draw on their experience to analyse and interpret your data.Your academic writer will create a model dissertation analysis you can learn from and use as inspiration for your own analysis.It's not designed to be something you turn in, but a learning tool.If you don't know how to write a dissertation analysis, having a customised model you can learn from can be an invaluable support.That kind of ceremony - like the robes, and hats, and the "procession" etc. Find some official involved with organizing the examination and have them tell you about the ceremonial procedure.But again - it's the substance, not the form, which matters.examiners begin their questioning by reciting "By the permission of the esteemed [position-holder-here] and by my right, I will address several questions to the candidate" or something along these lines.It might be the case that there's some ceremonial opening for your reply.


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