Photography Institute Assignment 2

Photography Institute Assignment 2-13
Each camera thinks differently and has different exposure compensation modes.

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I don’t want you to always take 1,000 photos everyday. If I’m shooting candidly, I will get close to my subject, and take multiple photos, until they notice my presence.

Go out and try to get 10 people to reject having their photos as quickly as possible.

Purpose: If you go out and try to find people to say “yes” to getting their portrait shot, you might become paralyzed.

But this might help you break through “photographer’s block.” When I’m shooting street photography, I’m not sure whether a photograph with eye contact or without eye contact will be better. Then I wait for them to notice me, and then I take a photograph when they make contact.

Then when I go home, I have the decision of choosing between two version of a photo: one with eye contact, and one without.


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