Planning A Small Business

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That’s why it’s so important to clarify your vision—understanding the “why” of your business—before building a strategy.

In his book, , Jim Collins describes how a business’ vision is made up of three distinct elements: Purpose, Values, and Mission. Current Mission: To simplify growth for millions of small businesses worldwide. 36—Getting Accustomed to Risk with Paul Tobey Paul Tobey talks with us about making it after years of hard work and trying to find employees who weren’t just punching a clock.

Just as valuable, a shared vision helps create a sense of community, making the journey more satisfying.

In the worksheet at the end of this kit, we’ll give you an opportunity to create a purpose statement for your business, which will propel you through your annual planning session.

Business strategy means having a long-range plan and milestones along the way that ensures you get there.

And it should be something you do year in, year out.We like to involve Keap employees from every department in our quarterly planning process.They give input through a series of exercises we call SWOT . We use the “plus” concept to refer to the inclusive, collaborative approach.Have you ever asked, simply and honestly, “What is the purpose of my business?”Every business needs a vision to guide and influence strategies and decisions.We also reference our purpose in conversations, meetings, email exchanges, and more, so it shapes our work each day.A vision shared by all employees—whether that’s just you, 12 others, or hundreds in your business—is crucial to achieving your business goals.The majority of small business owners created a business plan as part of their overall launch.But with the day-to-day of running the business, a lot of time goes by before you refer back to that plan—if at all.Setting concrete performance goals is a great idea, but you need to support them with a realistic plan to achieve success. In this strategic planning kit, we’re going to look at the strategic planning process Keap employed to grow the company over 10 years into a 0 million enterprise.This kind of strategic planning is crucial, but you have to do it right. By following these guidelines, your business can do more than just survive—you can thrive.


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