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This is the best option for people who want to jump right into a PMR practice.Progressive muscle relaxation script from Baylor University This script, like the one above from the UC Berkeley School of Law, is also three pages long.PMR is a particularly useful supplementary treatment for certain psychological conditions.

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The development of APMR makes PMR (or a version of it such as APMR) an even more accessible treatment intervention, in terms of both cost and time.

PMR is also useful for all sorts of people, because everyone could stand to reduce their stress and anxiety levels, as well as increase their overall well-being.

The section below lists a few scripts for PMR that one can follow.

For an idea of what PMR looks like, though, here is a short step-by-step description of the practice (adapted from the PDF from the Centre for Clinical Interventions, the third script listed below).

While PMR is an effective intervention for a number of conditions (and is even effective for mentally- and physically-healthy people), it can take a lot of therapy sessions to complete.

For this reason, researchers have developed abbreviated progressive muscle relaxation (APMR), which can successfully promote relaxation in a single, 20-minute session (Dolbier & Rush, 2012).Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training This 15-minute guided PMR includes relaxing music and jumps into the practice immediately.This video is particularly interesting because it includes a computer-generated person following along with the PMR, and highlights the muscles which are currently being focused on.Bourne’s The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook, walks the reader through a full PMR session.It is very simple to follow and can serve as a great introductory script to PMR for people with no PMR experience.Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a muscle-relaxation technique that has been used in clinical and non-clinical settings for decades.This article will discuss what PMR is and why it can be therapeutically useful, and will then go on to describe what a PMR session looks like with a step-by-step guide.Each muscle should be tensed for about 5 seconds (but not tensed to the point of pain), then relaxed for about 10 seconds: If the step-by-step above was not detailed enough, here are five scripts one can use to practice PMR.One can either follow along with a script as they go, or they can have a friend lead them through the script, or they can record themselves reading the script and then follow that recording.Even for conditions which respond well to pharmacological treatment, “[a] non-drug method of inducing relaxation has little if any risk and therefore may be preferred over drug methods” (Canter et al., 1975).PMR can also be useful as a supplement in cases where someone is undergoing pharmacological treatment, as it is not a pharmacological intervention and does not pose any interaction risks.


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