Princeton Supplement Essay 2018

Consider the impact of: the curriculum, instructors, research opportunities, alumni network, benefits of the physical space (on campus and within the community at large), peers, and anything else that makes Engineering at Princeton the best program for you!

Each of these essay prompts ask you to share something personal about yourself, discuss how the experience impacted you, and how you make sense of your world.

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As you consider how to answer the questions above, remember Princeton is looking for independent thinkers with creative minds who are engaged with the world around them.

Make sure to consider what your answers might indicate to the admissions committee.This is a good option if Princeton is your first choice. Students admitted early may defer their admission decision to May 1st, which is the deadline to accept Princeton’s offer for regular decision. Spend time looking over the Princeton website, get to know what current undergraduates are saying about the school, familiarize yourself with the various majors, and imagine yourself there.The deadline to submit regular decision applications is January 1st. If possible visit the campus, allow yourself to get excited about this opportunity, and make every effort to gain a sense of why Princeton is the ideal academic environment for you!This is your opportunity to demonstrate your fit for the Engineering program at Princeton.Make sure to do your research and convey your enthusiasm for the field of engineering!In addition to the Common Application, Universal Application or Coalition Application essay and Princeton-specific short answer responses, a themed essay of 250 to 650 words (ideally about 500 words) is also required.Be careful to avoid repeating any portion of the essay you already used for the Application.These are hallmarks of an education at Princeton and demonstrate the university’s commitment to student-centered learning within the context of a diverse student body, faculty, and staff.Remember to allow your writing to express your voice as you address the following Princeton supplemental questions; consider how your responses reveal your intellectual curiosity, passion for learning, and engagement with the world.They ask you to articulate your values and provide insight into your thinking process.They also reveal how you evaluate information and make decisions.


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