Problem Solving In Programming

The interactive learning objects (ILO) of the course provide automatic, context-specific guidance and feedback, like a virtual teaching assistant, as you develop problem descriptions, algorithms, and functional test plans.The course forums will be supported by the creators of the course, to help you succeed.You will employ these Python constructs to write, test, and debug Hacking Version 3.

This course is an introduction to computer science and programming in Python.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 1.

You will use these Python constructs to write, test, and debug Hacking Version 1, a text-based game version.

You will then reflect on your game version by using a third problem-solving technique called abstraction, including the specific technique of solution generalization, to solve similar problems.

Module 2: Program Hacking Version 1 -In Module 2, you will discover how lexics, syntax, and semantics can be used to understand and describe programming languages.

You will use these concepts to understand your first Python statement (expression statement), first three Python expressions (literal, identifier, function call), and first five Python types (int, str, float, function, None Type).

All videos, assessments, and ILOs are available free of charge.

There is an optional certificate available for a fee.

You will use this process to design Version 1 of the first game, Hacking.

You will use two problem-solving techniques: problem decomposition and algorithms.


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