Process Essay How To Make Chocolate

At this point we will probably add some more cocoa butter and maybe some soy lecithin – these will give the chocolate its silky smooth texture.

Conching can last a few hours for cheaper chocolates, and up to six days for the expensive stuff! Michelle Sharp is a chocoholic who lives in the mountains of Washington State.

” The cacao and the sugar are still pretty grainy at this point, so the manufacturer runs the mixture through a series of steel rollers to refine the texture.

To further refine the texture, and to really bring out the flavor, the mixture is then “conched.” That is, it’s run through a chocolate making machine (a conch – so named because the first such machine looked kind of like a conch shell) that mixes and mashes and swirls and aerates the chocolate.

What story would you cover and why is this an important story to tell? I treated chocolate as one of life’s simple pleasures and grew to educate myself on everything there was to know about chocolate.

I became not only a frequent consumer, but a chocolate connoisseur.

If the toothpick does not have any batter on it, it is done. Keep checking it till you have no batter on the toothpick.

When the cake I done take it out and set it in the refrigerator for the cooling process.

I usually use the whole cup of icing but that's just me and my grandma. Baking cakes is always good to do with one of your relatives.

” Let’s pick up with the arrival of the cacao beans at the factory (or click here to learn about how cacao is grown).


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