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The capture of key Mau Mau fighters led to the war ending and thereafter the first direct elections for the Africans in the Legislative Council was held in the 1957 and in December 12th 1963 Kenya gained independence from Britain and also formed their first constitution on the same day. One year later on 12th December 1964 Kenya was declared a republic.The first president of the country was Jomo Kenyatta who was the president until his untimely death in 1978.

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Before then, the country was under the Protectorate of Sultan of Zanzibar who handed over the country to the Germans.

The Germans later handed over the country to Imperial British East Africa which was in charge of constructing the railways going through the two countries (from Kenya to Uganda).

(224,960 square miles) this is nearly the same size as Texas.

The country got its name from Mount Kenya, which is quite a significant landmark and is the second highest mountain peak in Africa.

While throughout history it has always been a leading world power, it sustained significant losses during WW I and WW II.

One of the most recent conflicts that France was involved in was with its former colony Algeria.(India film industry Bollywood) Throughout the history, media (national as well as international) has been the most influential in the process of spreading education regarding communication all over the world (Semati, 2004, p.21).This media also helps in broadcasting the current situations prevailing across the world with respect to different social, cultural and economic contexts, to the people.Later on after the First World War and the completing of the Kenya-Uganda railways most of the British and European settlers in the early 20th century chose to settle in the country especially the central highlands this was in order for them to practice farming and grow coffee and tea.This in did not go down well with the locals as they felt their lands had been grabbed by the colonialists who had forbidden them from cultivating their lands by imposing huge taxes soon their houses and farming.Recent reconciliations with Germany have led proven to be economically beneficial, and today France stands on equal grounds with the world’s super powers.In 1999, France made the euro its official currency, and this has allowed France to further integrate itself into the core of the......The executive power is mainly exercised by the ...?Profile and discuss one communications sector of a country of your choice.The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi which is also the largest city in the Eastern Africa region.HISTORY The history of Kenya can be evidently be traced in the late 1800s when the Kenya-Uganda railways was being constructed by the British.


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