Pyrolysis Of Biomass Thesis

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However, it is imperative that in producing biomass for energy we practice careful land use.

However, it is imperative that in producing biomass for energy we practice careful land use.

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But despite its central role, not everyone has access to modern energy services’’ [3,4].

Today’s energy requirement is increasing in trend, due to population growth and ongoing economic and technological advancement around the world [4].

Pyrolysis of biomass is a particularly attractive process if all three products - gas, wood tars, and charcoal - can be used.

Gasification of biomass with air is perhaps the most flexible and best-developed process for conversion of biomass to fuel today, yielding a low energy gas that can be burned in existing gas/oil boilers or in engines.

All the products now obtained from oil can be provided by thermal conversion of the solid fuels biomass and coal.

As a feedstock, biomass has many advantages over coal and has the potential to supply up to 20% of US energy by the year 2000 and significant amounts of energy for other countries.

In combustion and gasification processes, the first step is pyrolysis, followed by total or partial oxidation of primary products.

Gasification is the process of generating electricity by applying heat to organic material in the presence of less oxygen.

Oxygen gasification yields a gas with higher energy content that can be used in pipelines or to fire turbines.

In addition, this gas can be used for producing methanol, ammonia, or gasoline by indirect liquefaction.


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