Rabbit Proof Fence Film Review Essay

This visual representation emphasised through the use of symbols, such as the fence and the eagle, which symbolises Molly’s freedom.

Rabbit Proof Fence stands as a cinematic analogue of Carmel Bird’s Stolen children.

This is achieved not just domestically but internationally.

The audience becomes emotionally overwhelmed during the children’s epic journey home.

The viewer soon finds themselves on the children’s side, in their shoes and identifying with them, the viewer takes on the perspective of the stolen generation.

Carmel Bird has used a written text that contains a report of separate oral accounts of the indigenous peoples past she seeks to detail the differing situations and outcomes of these people.The authenticity of the film can be proven as it has been recorded in the local press as well as in the archives of the department of Native affairs.Furthermore Molly and Daisy are still alive and footage of them is shown at the end of the film. The director Phillip Noyce ensured that the film was culturally appropriated, by employing Pilkington Garimara, Molly’s daughter who is also the author of Following the Rabbit Proof Fence, which the movie is based on.The film Rabbit Proof Fence stands as one story that represents them all.The distinct importance of the individual voices in The Stolen Children is replaced in the film by an intense visual.The invaders are taking away the children and placing them in camps.Only three manage to escape on their epic journey home they must cross through enemy occupied territory, never knowing friend from foe.The film "Rabbit-Proof Fence" conveys the importance of home and country to indigenous peoples.The director Phillip Noyce refers to home in different ways.Molly’s perspective of the camp “I hate this place, makes me sick” drives her to take her siblings and commence a 1600 kilometre long journey back home, all they had to guide them was the rabbit proof fence a 1800 mile long landmark that bisects Western Australia from north to south.Ironically the same people who wanted to keep them from home had built the fence that guided them home.


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