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The most common victims are women, however men are affected as well. " A common sentence uttered in the fashion industry, not just in the United States but also around the globe.

The growing concern about appearance is not overestimated--disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are plaguing our world.

Individuals are diagnosed as anorexic (according to the DSM-IV-TR) if they refuse to maintain the appropriate body weight (according to age and height), and have an intense fear of gaining any more weight - even though they are already underweight (Keel & Klump, 2003).

Here we want to share with you scientific and fiction books where you may find helpful information, insights, and inspiration for your essay.

These books consider various sides of eating disorders, including personal experiences depicted in monographs.

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There are a variety of possible causes that lead to an eating disorder such as culture, socioculture, family life, and genetic disorders.

Risk factors are also common in eating disorder cases.

(Keel & Klump, 2003) In short, a diagnosis of bulimia nervosa is if subject "X" eats more then he or she should, and then inappropriately extinguishes the weight because the subject is not the weight he or she fantasizes to be. To determine if an eating disorder is culture bound data must be collected and sorted from various cultures along a timeline of many years. Implications for Conceptualizing Their Etiology, by Pamela Keel and Kelly Klump did just that.

These two disorders, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, are alarming. They attained statistics from an assortment of cultures and along a timeline of sixty years.


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