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UKCPR, with underwriting from the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) in the U. Department of Agriculture, will competitively award grants to qualified individuals and institutions to provide rigorous research that expands understanding of, and the attendant policy implications for, food-related hardships among older persons in the United States.For purposes of this RFP, older persons are defined as those ages 60 and older.

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We seek research proposals in one of three topical domains: (1) Describing households with food insecure seniors, including, but not limited to, factors such as functional status and ability to live independently, access to transportation, mental function, spousal health status, and social network and family connections; (2) Understanding factors underlying participation and recertification in food assistance and other safety net programs; and (3) Evaluating the causal impact of food and non-food assistance programs on health and nutrition outcomes, as well as related outcomes such as consumption tradeoffs.

Total anticipated funding under this mechanism is $1.2 million for one large grant at $500,000, two large grants at $250,000 each, and four small grants at $50,000 each. D.-holding poverty scholars at all career stages, from postdoctoral fellows to senior faculty, and from all disciplines.* IRP anticipates funding four to eight projects, with awards ranging from $10,000 to $25,000.

We particularly invite research proposals that consider: -The importance of geography in poverty reduction, opportunity, and economic mobility strategies and understanding why some locations lead to better outcomes -Assess the extent of skills and spatial mismatch and identify implications for employers and job seekers and potential actionable solutions for poverty and policy -Promising approaches for addressing rural poverty and isolated communities -Implications of the intersection of poverty and geography for targeting and effective delivery of human and social services programs The deadline to submit your proposal is p.m. Please see the attached RFP for more information regarding eligibility, selection criteria, and application instructions. *Please note: University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty and postdoctoral fellows are ineligible for this funding.

The document lays out the context and objectives of the Project on Poverty Reduction and Policy Regimes.

The culture of poverty is a feature of highly stratified, competitive systems.

This economic system tends to have high rates of unemployment and low wages for the “unskilled” jobs with high turn over rates.

Other structured research initiatives include topical issues such as the urban labour market, social dimensions of poverty and trends in rural poverty within the wider context of reforms taking place in the country.

The website includes more details on REPOA and lists of publications.

Lewis explains that the culture of poverty is an adaptation to a set of objective conditions of the larger society.

Once it comes into existence, it tends to perpetuate itself from generation to generation because of its effects on children.


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